Rules & Regulations

All MIRAMAGICA Park guests are in obligation of abiding by the below Rules and Regulations, as well as the instructions of the ride operators throughout the stay at MIRAMAGICA Park.

All the Rules and Regulations presented in the Rules and Regulations section are implemented for your own safety.

By entering the MIRAMAGICA Park at the designated entrances, you thereby acknowledge and agree that you have read, understood, accepted and agreed to abide by the below Rules and Regulations. Ulterior claims will not be taken into consideration.


1) Admission to attractions and rides is permitted ONLY during MIRAMAGICA park hours.

2) Access to MIRAMAGICA Park attractions and rides can be obtained by use of tokens, which you can acquire at the MIRAMAGICA machines inside the Park. Re-selling, copying or multiplication of tokens is strictly prohibited.

3) Access inside the MIRAMAGICA Park with balls, trampolines, inflatable mattresses as well as weapons of any kind or objects that appear to be weapons is prohibited.

4) Entering or resting on the green area, anywhere on the premises of the MIRAMAGICA Park, as well as in the areas where is especially marked as such, is prohibited. For your own safety and to avoid any potential accidents, access to zones limited by fences is prohibited.

5) Children's admission to the park attractions is permitted only if they accompanied by an adult and supervised throughout their stay. The Park Management will not take any obligations or responsibilities in this respect.

6) The sale of goods or services, of samples, distribution of printed materials and banners, recruitment or interviews of the guests without prior written agreement from MIRAMAGICA Park management is strictly prohibited.

7) Guests with no shoes will not be admitted to the MIRAMAGICA Park.

8) Access to the MIRAMAGICA Park attractions and rides without having read the rules and regulations or the signs posted at each ride is strictly prohibited.

9) ATTENTION! Do not ride or use, or permit minors under your care or supervision to ride or use any amusement attractions in case of /if:
• They ate or drank in excess prior to the ride.
• Are under the influence of drugs and medicines that may make the rider more vulnerable to injury or diminish his mental capacity to decide.
• Pregnancy
• Has had recent surgery or illness.

10) Do not use the MIRAMAGICA attractions before carefully reading and agreeing to the ride operator's instructions. The instructions are also posted at each attraction/ride in the middle section. Please note that these rules are in place for your own safety, regardless how limiting they may appear to be, and they strictly enforce all manufacturer regulations in terms of handling, installing, operating or use of the ride. Please follow the instructions of the MIRAMAGICA ride operator and refrain from disobeying them during the ride. In case of accident, the responsibility will fall entirely on the visitors who do not obey and abide by the Rules and Regulations.

11) PLEASE USE CAUTION. At MIRAMAGICA park, the swimming pool area may present wet surfaces that are slippery or abrasive ones that may limit the sliding. Pay attention to the steps, which may be slippery as well.

12) DO NOT touch the switches, cords or the electrical wiring.

13) Do NOT use the phone or any other communication means during the ride.

14) DO NOT block the use of the ride. Do not stand in their way.

15) DO NOT ride/use the MIRAMAGICA attractions if you are:< br/> • under influence of alcohol
• have high blood pressure, any heart problem or condition or any physical ailments, which may be aggravated by this activity.

The MIRAMAGICA management does not hold any responsibility in cases of accidents caused by the pre-existence of poor medical conditions, by disobeying the ride operator 's instructions, or by ignoring the rules and regulations.

16) Disruptive, disturbing, unruly offensive behavior that may cause harm or discomfort to MIRAMAGICA Park guests is strictly prohibited. Any such behavior is cause for ejection without refund.

17) The misuse, destruction or vandalism of the park rides/attractions or park infrastructure (equipment, machines, etc) is prohibited.

18) Photography, videotaping or recording of any kind, without the prior written agreement from the MIRAMAGICA Park Administration is strictly prohibited.

19) Access with animals or pets is prohibited.

20) Please secure your personal effects. MIRAMAGICA Park is not responsible for any lost, stolen or forgotten personal belongings.

21) Access with bicycles, roller-skates, rollerblades or shoes with built-in wheels is strictly prohibited.

22) Smoking is allowed only in designated areas marked by signs.

23) Keeping clean is mandatory, throwing disposable wastes outside the designated areas is strictly prohibited.

24) Violent behavior, theft and other acts of law breaking are strictly prohibited.

25) Use of the public toilets for physiological necessities is mandatory.

26) We do not hold responsibility for any possible accidents on the premises of the MIRAMAGICA Park.



a) Park Hours, Rules and Regulations or closure of the MIRAMAGICA Park are subject to change without notice in case of unfavourable weather conditions or in situations that are potentially harmful to MIRAMAGICA visitors.

b) We reserve the right to deny access to the MIRAMAGICA Park attractions when the rides are full.

c) We reserve the right to deny admission, or to require a person already admitted to leave without refund, liability or compensation, when that person has infringed the Rules and Regulations of the Park.

d) We reserve the right to limit access to MIRAMAGICA attractions during special events organized by the MIRAMAGICA Park Management.

e) We may photograph, film, videotape, record or otherwise reproduce any person that enters the MIRAMAGICA Park for promotional purposes on Facebook, or other media, including online and social media. By entering the MIRAMAGICA Park, you thereby acknowledge and agree that you waive all rights to any claims for payment or royalties in connection with any exhibition, televising or other showing of these films, tapes, photographs in Romania and abroad on Internet, street bill boarding and agree to the distribution and broadcasting of such images on multiple supports in accordance with the Romanian present laws.

For a safe, secure, family-friendly operation of the park and overall enjoyment of the park by its guest, each visitor admitted to the MIRAMAGICA Park agrees unequivocally to abiding by the Rules and Regulations of the present document. MIRAMAGICA does not hold any responsibility or liability, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or related to the incorrect use, misunderstanding of the obligations stated above.